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QuickBooks Intuit and DataRails - A Match Made in Heaven

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

QuickBooks is a leading accounting software for medium to small businesses to help automate tedious accounting processes. This affordable solution speeds up manual bookkeeping and timely tasks keeping all financial records on a cloud-based platform for accessibility by multiple users regardless of their location or device. QuickBooks online is now offering New Features for 2020 including a redesigned banking tab, the renaming of the workers’ tab to payroll, and a new two-way synchronization between the QuickBooks platform and the popular Salesforce CRM.

DataRails is a powerful reporting and analytics tool that fully automates all your spreadsheet-based financial processes and drastically reduces manual activity allowing the entire finance team to focus on solving the business challenges at hand.

The technology provides needed financial strategies for decision making in an inexpensive and cloud-based solution that integrates with 1000s of ERPs, Accounting, Back office systems and runs Excel as its UI.

DataRails for QuickBooks

Together, DataRails and QuickBooks enable customers to access all their financial and operational data independently. Customers are able to support planning, analysis and reporting needs on-the-go to drive faster and more effective business decisions.

Benefits of DataRails Integration for QuickBooks

Finally discover insights by performing variance, horizontal, and vertical analyses as well as slicing and dicing data. Spend more time analyzing and less time with manual inputs by reducing inefficiencies and automating tedious consolidation processes to accelerate work cycles. Easily produce powerpoints and reports with precise figures drawn from your consolidated database and update in real-time with a simple click of a button. Ensure the most accurate inspections with cell-level audit trails, full version control, and compare any two spreadsheets with built-in data integrity.

Combine the advantages of both platforms and gain confidence in your business decisions like never before.

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